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I love scifi/fantasy and music and I am obsessed with sewing...and photographing my doggies:)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kids in the snow


Oye! There's my boy's ear!:)


the kids

Bear and Yogi cuddle up on the couch...

while Ginger claims the new doggie bed.

Snow Bear


Ginger living in dream land....

Friday, November 21, 2008


Yogi getting ready to play.


Surveying the yard after the first snowfall.


Bear decided to watch the snow from indoors:)


Tonight we had a bit more snow than the previous photos.
Here's when Bear had enough and wanted to go inside.

Come back out and play!

Yogi doesn't want to come inside:)


Yogi in the snow.


shakes off the snow.


Enjoying the snow!

Ginger and Yogi

Yogi wants to play!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


As I was trying to get photos of the girl's reaction to their video, Yogi
wanted to know why I was not photographing him:)

Poor boy

I am not that bad of a mama.
I pushed my boy up the stairs right
after I took this video. He climbs a full
flight of stairs and then cries at the last three
at the landing!

Yogi and the last three stairs

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Excuses, excuses:)

It was dark. I am not a cameraman. Dogs move.
[excuses, excuses:) ]
Here it is... a video of the dogs singing after
a firetruck went by. The sound is good!

Doggies singing with sirens

All together

Doggies wait patiently for me to come back home.

well, one pup wasn't so patient:)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bear and Yogi

I wrote out Schumman's "Kind im Einschlummern" ["Child falling asleep"]
for two guitars. Here's what happened when I played it:) Ginger slept
under my feet and awoke each time I stopped playing to photograph her:)


Getting ready to pounce:)


The Go'auld are not finished!

Trust me!

Yogi tries to convince Bear that the floor is a good thing to chew on:)

Yogi wants Ginger to play

Bear's new collar

Here's Bear with her bright new collar. I made it smaller so the other pups
won't be able to take it off of her.




Okay Bear, if you won't get up for a photo I will get down and get one:)


Ginger has been trying hard to be a good girl lately. Here she poses as if she already is:)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Apple Festival 2008

I could not believe that I got lucky enough to get this magnificent piece
of wood artwork before anyone else! This is by David Bremnan 08/2008.
He is an incredible artist!

This Halloween

I fell in love with this Halloween vest at the Apple Festival. I had to buy it.
It wasn't too long after this that I had Toni carry my wallet!:) With crafts like
this, I knew I would go broke left on my own:):):)

My right hand side of my Halloween vest.

the left side of my Halloween vest.

My little boy

Yogi hasn't gotten much bigger lately. He still thinks he can boss around
the girls! :) They set him straight on that!:)

NO! Mom!

Ginger doesn't trust me while trying to photograph her new collar. Yogi chewed on her old
one so much that I had to take it apart and use the hardware to make her a new one.

Ginger's collar

Here! I got the photo! Ginger's new collar!

Bear's collar

Bear looked so expectantly at me after I made Ginger her collar that I made
her one that night! She's a great dog, she doesn't need a collar! But she apparently
thinks it makes her more pretty!:) As if she needs to look prettier!:)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Views From the Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland

There's me after driving all night and staying up all day:)

This is a view of the Chesapeake while we were in the water.

on the Duck Tour

on the Duck Tour